Check out a man’s unexpected reaction after the two women he was seeing met up and took a photo to make him sweat

A woman has narrated how her effort to make a cheating man sweat, failed.

She said she was talking to a guy then found out he had a girlfriend. To make him pay, she said she found the girlfriend online and sent her a message. They met up and took a selfie which they posted online to let the guy know that they were on to him.

But the unbothered guy flipped it on them. Rather than be remorseful, he reshared the photo and wrote: “Both my girls looking good for real.”

Check out a man

Sharing the story, the Twitter user wrote: ‘Never forget when I lived in Florida, I was talking to this guy and found out he had a gf. I found her insta, messaged her, we met up, took a selfie and posted it to fuck w him. He screenshotted the selfie and posted it on his insta and said “both my girls lookin good for real”. ‘

Check out a man

She went on to share a screenshot of the guy’s Instagram story as proof.

Check out a man

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