OAP Beevan Magoni recounts issues gay people have gotten him into in open letter to LGBTQ community

OAP Beevan Magoni has penned down an open letter to gay people in Nigeria, while also recounting the issues they’ve gotten him into in the past. 

The media personality who told his male friends not to hug him for more than three seconds, peck him, call him dear, darling or sweetie and refrain from holding his hands while walking, revealed that gay people in Nigeria have been using the economic situation to woo him. 

OAP Beevan also insisted that gay people in Nigeria do not know their boundaries, respect straight people’s rights and back off when some one wards them off. 

He wrote; 


The world says we should respect gay peoples rights because we don’t understand them. We do all that we can to respect them, and if we don’t, how do we get to travel to America and Europe? If we don’t, one day, we’d want to travel for one thing or the other they’ll simply look through our Facebook posts and disqualify us.

They pump money to NGOs to create awareness on the LGBTQ rights down our throats and we accepted. Of course, we are educated, fortunate to be caught woke in the generation of light.

But then, do the gay people know boundaries? Do they respect straight peoples rights? Do they back off when some one wards them off?

Take for example, the first gay person to approach me did via text saying, “Hello, do you do guys too or just girls? Because I’d love to look deep into your eyes, kiss and make love to you. If you don’t, I can show you the way and make it lucrative for you!”

I was in two hundred level then. I was in form then and the prime of my feel good stages. I called back and was disappointed to find out the text was from a man. He went on to send such text messages to me morning night and evening. I counted seventy five of them in less than three weeks.

How could I be expecting my monthly alert from home but would only read love text messages from a gay pervert? I was hungry and broke and mentally abused.

Rape does not have to be physical right? You need paint lewd messages to a person and watch how it wrecks his psyche. If a man tries sleeping with a woman who says no but goes ahead to hump her dry, its equal to whatever didn’t happen in the first place. If a man says he wants to have sex with you and you refuse but tries hard using other means to try to get to sleep with you, its rape right?

So why do we let them tell us that its OK for the gay community to express itself to the non gay clansmen? I’ve been observing this double standard for years, every body is fighting for his rights just when it suits him. Tomorrow the armed robber is going to take to the streets to demand for his rights. The cutthroat psycho would demand for his also. After all, there are excuses to cover for their actions.

Who’s going to tell the gay man to identify his targets softly and let others be. Who’s going to tell him no means no?

Another of my gay experiences was in my finals that almost got me expelled in ABU. He kept telling he’d want to sleep with me, calling me dear, cutie, sweetheart, darling and all. When he said he’d make me rich was when I turned the real tables around for him.

If gay people in Nigeria can use the economic situation to woo adults like me, tell me what they’d do to that nursery school child. The primary school pupil. The JSS student. The SSS who’s trying to break away from parental control and clutches?

Majority of gay males came in contact with the act after being abused as kids. For the females I’d say adventure. But whatever way, we can support the gay community, respect and have sympathy for them, but the gay community should respect the straight community too.

Las las, no man should hug me for more than three seconds unless we understand ourselves more. Don’t Peck me. Don’t call be dear or darling or sweetie. Don’t hold my hand while walking unless you are my big brother. These excesses are mentally abusive!

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