Tyler Perry nephew Gavin Porter’s second autopsy points to suicide… Says hired expert

According to a new report, Filmmaker Tyler Perry, has received the results of a new autopsy he ordered to be carried out on his nephew Gavin Porter who died on Tuesday night in a prison cell.

Tyler’s nephew, Gavin Porter, 26, was serving a 20-year-sentence for shooting his father dead in front of his mother, who is Tyler Perry’s sister, and on Tuesday night was found hanging in his cell from a bedsheet

Tyler Perry nephew Gavin Porter

The prison officials say he committed suicide but Tyler Perry was having none of it and hired Dr. Michael Baden, a famed pathologist who has been involved in numerous cases, including JFK, O.J. Simpson, and Jeffery Epstein to perform a second autopsy and determine the cause of death of his nephew.

According the a new report by TMZ, Perry has now gotten the second autopsy report from Dr Baden and it confirms he died by suicide.

”Tyler tells TMZ … they got the autopsy results back from Dr. Michael Baden — the world-renowned pathologist he hired to look into 26-year-old Gavin Porter’s death in a Louisiana prison. We’re told Baden says he’s 98 percent sure there was no foul play in Porter’s death. ” the TMZ report states

” That seems to confirm what prison officials told the Perry family … that Tyler’s nephew hanged himself using bedsheets while in solitary confinement. The family wasn’t convinced, which is why Tyler hired Baden to conduct an independent 2nd autopsy. ”
Tyler says, “The answers don’t take away grief, but it surely gives room for grieving to take its course.”


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